Tainan Route 17

discovering and documenting the growth of southern Taiwan

Returning Chinese Surving Tainan 回國華僑如何在台南生存(1)


Of all the six major metros of Taiwan (Taipei, Hsinchu, Taoyuan, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung), Tainan is a lone wolf.


Known for its big divide between the north and south (where a saying goes: pay taxes in the north and make things in the south), Taiwan northern culture thrives with international cosmopolitan while the south is full of factories and farmlands that is more traditional. However, Tainan is even so than say Kaohsiung.

台灣北部文化因其南北之間的巨大鴻溝而廣為人知(俗話說:在北部納稅,在南部製造東西),台灣北部文化與國際大都會相伴而生,而南部則充滿了更為傳統的工廠和農田。 但是,台南比高雄更是如此。

Tainanhas a small industrial foot print compare to the other manufacturing metros and has focused on tourism, cultural renovation and innovation and agriculture as its main commerce (although that is slowly changing with the Southern Science Park). Tainan boast not only the largest number of temples in Taiwan but also largest number of museums.

與其他製造業大都市相比,台南的工業足跡較小,並且將旅遊,文化革新和創新以及農業作為其主要商業重點(儘管隨著南方科學園的發展,這種趨勢正在緩慢變化)。 台南不僅擁有台灣最多的寺廟,而且擁有最多的博物館。

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